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While Waiting

At an incredibly long four way intersection today, I decided that I was going to bust out in awkward car-dance moves. I figured if anyone saw, it might make them smile. So I’m hand-jiving, discoing, macerena-ing, and generally rocking out to Rhianna’s “S&M”, and smiling broadly at the distant man across the road from me. It turns out that he never noticed. But the couple in the lane next to me had been watching and laughing the whole time. They gave me the thumbs up and a big, comrades-in-arms, kind-of-impressed, smile.
When the light changed we all pulled away laughing.
I laughed for the next hour, and continued busting out in spontaneous dance moves all night.
It’s so fun being that light, and happy, and silly.
[Thanks for the support Car-Couple Next Door!]

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